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Originally Posted by Fred G. Vader View Post
Seems like the manufacturers know that the handwriting is on the wall for Android and are already starting to hedge their bets. Just read an article on PhoneDog where Sony, LG, ZTE and Huawei are all looking into the new FireFox OS.

Samsung is in heavy development with their Tizen OS and they have enough clout now that they could release the Galaxy 5 running Tizen and the average consumer wouldn't know the difference.

LG just bought WebOS (supposedly only for TV development but we'll see how long that lasts).

Also did anyone else catch the story where the latest Chrome browser release now has the same App Launcher from Chrome OS. Eventually iPhone/Mac/Windows/WindowsPhone users will be able to download apps from the Chrome Web Store onto their devices.

Google is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers!
I'd like to see a mobile OS released under the GPL too, but I don't think an OS is a selling point in the mobile device market at large anymore. It's about ecosystems now. If you don't have hundreds of thousands of apps, turn-by-turn navigation, diverse multimedia content, widespread developer support, and so forth, out of the box, then no one's going to even look at you. If these companies want to hedge against Android, their only option, sad to say, is Windows Phone. And even after throwing billions of USD at that the last few years, Microsoft is still left holding a meager smartphone marketshare--I wouldn't say that WP is a path to success. You don't hedge bets by wagering on longshots, it's the other way around.
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