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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
Earlier I logged into KDE 4.10 under the wife's username, which is like the second account setup, mine being first. I think that makes me uid 500. Anyway for some reason there is no sound under her name. Playing mp3s or youtube does not have any sound.

Sound does work on my account and this is the first time I noticed it not working on her's.

I'm at work now and can get more info later this morning if need, but any ideas what could be going on with this? I can check to see if she's in the audio group.
That would be the first thing that I'd check, making sure that she has permissions to use the sound device(s) and that the sound device(s) in /dev have the corresponding ownership settings. If /dev/dsp is owned by "root:root" then setting an account to be a member of the "audio" or "sound" group isn't going to help any.

If you chose an option that made your (presumably first) user account the one with administrator privileges, that might explain why your account can access the sound system, and your wife's can't, you misogynist! j/k

BTW, I've noticed that the UID numbers for meatware tend to start at 1000 these days. I guess they are growing the number of system groups!
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