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Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
Pointed toward the articles and head of HTC UK and Ireland, not at the messenger (Early):

While the specifications and build are quite dignified (there are still some glaring un-answerables), The One cannot honestly be HTC's entire years strategy can it? It could be their short term strategy; it may be Their One for a time but by the time Autumn comes around and all the other guys are releasing fresh devices they can't possibly just stand by on the proposed merit of a device from 10 months prior...

Could HTC UK Guy be speaking specifically only of his region? Or is he really representing HTC Worldwide (informally)?
Makes sense to me to have only one flagship per year.I'm sure they're not resting comfortably waiting for the $ to start rolling in,more likely,already hard @work developing next years flagship model.

Originally Posted by toad6386 View Post
This is a major topic of discussion over at xda. Some applauded the idea, saying the beast would be fed updates regularly, being the only horse in the stable. Others shared the"say what?" sentiment, and others still thought The One would be the only (high-end)One, with mid- and entry-level devices. I also read that best buy is going all out to market this prize. I can't see how any major player could go all in with a single device, but then again, I didn't see how the Pre was a house of cards, either. =-O
I would guess depending on demand for the ONE will dictate if they should proceed w/a couple mid-tier &/or entry-level models for the rest of the crowd,as not everyone is as quick to plunk down a car or house payment for a phone as most here can find a way to rationalize such a purchase,with or without a carrier subsidy.
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