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Originally Posted by RootJunky View Post
1) I heard the price would be about $700-$775 when it comes out, but i don't know if thats true. What do you guys think the price will be? 2) Also will they have a new line of devices? Do you think they will build off of this phone or not. 3) Also, it seems like this is one of the, if not the first phone of the new Android generation/Wave of phones. What do you think will improve as this generation goes on.

I want to hear what you guys think.
(I added the numbers in the quote to make it easier to understand MY answers (subject to correction )

1) Your price of $700-775 (unsubsidized) falls in line with what has been officially and unofficially speculated.

2) Again, pure speculation has it that at most, HTC will offer the One, and maybe a mid- and entry-level device this year. Word has it that HTC is going to concentrate on their flagship to ensure the product remains upper tier.

3) This is the first major release of the calendar year to my knowledge. Personally, I think we're about to hit a plateau of sorts as far as performance and technology (Much like the PC market). There will be improvements, sure, but nothing as great as in the past, outside improvements in reliability.

Those are strictly my view, opinions, etc, from what I've seen, read, heard, etc. I could be wrong, and if you listen to my wife, I probably am!
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