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Originally Posted by thattonekiddmi View Post
Hey, its not ok to just stop replying once you get your problem fixed. Thats not how Forums work. You keep posting, you answer other user's questions so maybe they can fix their phones, learn more and one day someone can search google for "Bricked s3", find this thread and get help. My phone is bricked and I came to this thread looking for answers but "sprint is giving me a new on, thanks for your advice." That didnt help me.
matt190191 and vj226966 kept posting.

In a forum you give and take. And you dont stop giving after you got what you needed. Sorry for ranting.
If you give us some details on exactly how you bricked, we can be of more assistance

Theres a big difference between a brick and flashing something to get you in a bootloop.

People throw around "brick" way too often
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