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Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I think they were referencing what was in the pipeline pre-acquisition.

Money quote
Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
They are totally taking what was said out of context. Google said what was _already_in the Motorola pipeline wasn't "wow" (whatever that means). That has nothing to do with the "X" phone. The only negative I read into those comments is the X will probably not be released as soon as people were expecting/hoping.
Of these 3 quotes, I think Gmash is closest. Google CFO's quote appears to be saying that they "still have to drain the pipe". This looks very much to me that Motorola is still releasing those phones before the X, which means no X Phone until late 2013 at the earliest, and not at Google I/O this may.

However even should this X Phone be announced in May, I still see no reason at all to grant Motorola my business any more or less than I dis in 2012, simply because Google has still not backed down from it's 2011 stance on the Motorola acquisition:

Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of engineering for Android at Google, spoke late in February about the nature of Google's relationship with Motorola, which it bought in 2011.

"It's almost as if [Motorola is] a separate company," quoted him as saying. "We treat all of our partners fairly," he said, as if assuring other tech firms. "Motorola we consider a partner just like HTC or Samsung."
What this tells me: Buying a Motorola in 2013 is no guarantee at all that I will be receiving a phone that is in any way better than Samsung, HTC, Sony, or LG. The reason I'm pessimistic is very simple. I bought into the Motorola Atrix 4G hype in 2011 and paid for that for 2 years with terrible update delays, weak support, and cookie-cutter customer support responses ("thanks you for your feedback, we are happy to hear from you and will pass this on blah blah blah") to widely vocalized problems on their customer support forums.

I'm never going to buy from this company again until Google purges their current employee infrastructure. Same people working for Moto that worked there for the Atrix 4G? No thanks. The boss and marketing can say whatever they want, the employees are the ones delivering those promises and they didn't deliver last time I went with them.

I'm so disgusted with Moto now that it would take me watching how they handle their next flagship under Google for 2 years before I trust them again. Samsung gave JB to the SG2, a phone that's contemporary with the Atrix 4G. Meanwhile Moto dropped the ball repeatedly.

I also won't forget that posts about Atrix 4G touch screen digitizers failing started appearing on forums approximately 18 months after the device launched. It happened to mine right about the same time.

It took up to half a year sometimes for Moto to release bug patches as well which is totally unacceptable. IIRC There were numerous threads complaining about the 2.3.6 patch breaking the accuracy of the battery meter. Motorola's response? They put a memo on their website telling people it was caused by using USB port chargers instead of plugging it in an electrical outlet when the battery fell below 15%. How long did this response take? Almost a YEAR. Did they ever patch it? Nope.

Like I said, if the next wave of Moto flagships demonstrates a consistent improvement in customer support for the next 2 years I might consider them in 2015. Before that, forget it.
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