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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
Don't know if it will change much. We'll see if they actually have fair, non rigged elections.
To be fair, the last election was not rigged. Of course, the media is somewhat restricted and there are plenty of shadowy things going on, still Chavez got a margin of 10%.

As for Hugo himself. He lifted an awful lot of people out of poverty and helped address the issue of inequality in Venezuela. His methods though were lacking at best. Seemingly random, and unfair, nationalisation has led to a capital flight. Venezuela is not a country one would want to invest in. Furthermore, stupid, dumb measures such as subsidising petrol to the extent that it costs 5-8% what it does in Europe per litre are indicative of Chavez's typical 'sounds good' economic strategy.

Chavez may have helped a lot of Venezuelans, and the economy to an extent, but he was not a good or intelligent premier in my opinion. Furthermore, his foreign policy was idiotic in the extreme. Constantly criticising the US and Europe, while supporting dictators such as Gadaffi and Assad was painful to watch.

Hopefully Venezuela will move away from Chavismo - any benefits such leadership may bring have run their course at this stage. What Venezuela needs now is a smart leader, who isn't in the pockets of the rich, but actually understands the necessity of capital, and knows how to run an economy.
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