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Originally Posted by SiempreTuna View Post
Apparently, Chavez himself claimed his rabid anti-Americanism was because three Americans were involved in an attempted assassination that very nearly killed him. The only reason it failed was a guard who was involved realised the killers would also kill any witnesses and turned his gun on them.[/COLOR]

Naturally, Chavez blamed the CIA. Don't know if there's any truth in that. I know at one time the CIA stopped assassinations, however it is killing an awful lot of (mostly innocent) people these days.
Not sure those that tried to eliminate that oozing black but boil would kill the guard who was just doing his job poorly.

Does not seem reasonable.

And who really knows what some guard over there has to say. Perhaps he was more scared of what Chavez would do to him if he did not turn his guns of these mean old killers.

Perhaps this guard is telling a story just to stay alive? That is, if he does not say what he was told to say, he is ended prematurely. Or his family.

Not sure the story is accurate.

The CIA could have been behind it. They are not allowed to work in this country. Perhaps they do after all. Nobody in this group is deep enough inside these three letter groups to know anything anyway.
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