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Originally Posted by maximus92 View Post
Well if he's not going to explain how he hard bricked his phone, I will. Just got my Sammy SIII yeaterday from Amazon, I'm on Sprint. Rooted it with no problems. Trying to back up my IMEI using the Synergy zip, kept telling me EFS is locked. Searched and somewhere along the line I got the impression that my bootloader was locked. Found a thread that pointed me to a bootloader unlocker made for Verizon's SIII (should've been my first clue, I know.) I used that, said my bootloader was unlocked. Shut my phone off, and went to go into recovery, and nothing. Won't even power back on. Plug it in no charge screen. No vibration, no beeps. Removed battery and put it back in nada.

So...let me ask this. How important is it that the bootloader is unlocked? Is it even the bootloader that is locked? I used the Terminal method to back up my IMEI, I was just looking for an extra backup. I tried that other method, QP something, something, but it fails everytime to make a backup.
Verizon is the only carrier that locked the bootloaders. AFAIK you cant even get to a bootloader on the other models. They just have recovery or download mode.
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