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So as I've been reading this thread I always see people talking about their "source," and I think to myself...I wish I had a just sounds cool. Well it turns out I might. There's nothing too special here...yet. But I just found out an old friend works for verizon and we just had a lengthy facebook chat. He is as excited about this phone as we are. He says he should have some hands on time with this phone very soon and promised to try and get some pics/vid for me. He said he'd get at me as soon as he had anything. I know this is standard BS we hear everyday, but he's a really nice guy and I completely trust him to come through.

A small note, he said he overheard some higher ups talking about increasing initial order numbers. I'm not sure if this is in reference to a specific region or what. But overall point is, I'd love to be posting up some pics in the coming week... We'll see.
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