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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
That means computer server bandwidth to meet the demand, the network traffic on the backbone, and then the distribution and tower bandwidth.

If any carrier or supplier tried to update everyone everywhere all at once, then no one would be able to get email, texts, you name it, during that cycle.

Some day, I imagine that technology will improve or even fix that - but not today. It's not a matter of money, it's a matter of iron.
I don't believe that the LG Optimus G has been a hot seller for Sprint. Everybody I know has a different device such as the GS3 or iPhone. Would there really be this huge bandwidth crunch if they released the update to everyone at the same time (or at least over a more timely period)? I can certainly see this as problem for other devices but not this one.

Maybe I'm wrong but still I don't think a single person has actually received the update over the past 5 days when Sprint said the update was officially available. My point is that I hope Sprint and Google can figure out a more timely way for everyone to get the update faster. Iron out those kinks and make it better. Maybe at least a way to manually do it from Sprint's website for those of us who hate sitting around watching others get the update days or weeks before we can.
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