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Originally Posted by aliveon2legs View Post
If it was really going to be for the 15'th of this month, I'd sure think it would have been announced by now. I keep reading about the dates in Europe and parts of Asia, but can't find anything on this side of the pond. Anybody else?
This is somewhat carrier-dependent, so I've merged this with the price/carrier thread - nothing personal.

Yeah - recall last year - HTC announced the US release date for the One X and One S, the carriers jumped on board, then Apple attorneys stepped in at the last minute with total baloney sausage so that the phones were held up in US Customs because Apple was sure they were still in violation of a patent or two. (Which they weren't, but that's another story.)

HTC took all kinds of black eyes for that, even though it was nothing more than a dirty, lowdown Apple trick.

They may be playing it very close to the vest this year so they don't get ambushed by the legal jackals again.
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