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Originally Posted by burgertime View Post
Ah I didn't read the actual post on there. Interesting that it's the camera sensor.
Low initial yields on new silicon is pretty much expected.

Between that, and how can you really screw up the voice-coil for motors (the phone vibrator, also rumored to have yield problems), I'm really wondering about that scare.

I mean, I hate to sound like the fanboy, and there could be something to it - but with what I know of the semiconductor industry as well as how crooked some financial analysts are, I just want to wait until we get real info on this one.

HTC is really courting the Chinese market - huge demand for their products there.

HTC One likely to arrive in China before May - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

And plus - they may have simply decided to give themselves time to adjust if there are any SGS4 surprises they want to address competitively.

Gah - in this business, any thing is possible. It's like quantum mechanics some days!
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