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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Yup...just like T-Mobile's "4G" (e.g. HSPA+)...ROFLMAO. I mentioned that being a marketing gimic in another thread, but somehow arguments were trying to be made that HSPA+ is 4G, which is not true...LOL.
Um... actually, HSPA+ is every bit as 4G as LTE is, have been since the December 2010 dispensation by the ITU:

ITU redefines 4G to include LTE, WiMAX and HSPA+

The 4G spec was a moving target and its definition and ratification was an on-going nightmare for years.

When Sprint decided to go with WiMax for 4G, that was expected to be ratified as final. By the time the Evo 4G came out, the ITU had moved on and were well on their way to deciding that only WiMax 2 and LTE Advanced (both of which are available exactly nowhere).

Competition against WiMax hit fast and hard in the form of HSPA+ and LTE.

Then the 4G spec hit and something else hit the fan with it.

Today, we have LTE Advanced being hailed as "True 4G" and the ITU has started to go along with that nonsense, invented from whole cloth by the mouth-breathing writers for the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, the whole Faux G snark remains whenever this or that is brought up, but the fact remains - according to the standards body that is the only deciding authority authority, HSPA+, WiMax and LTE are all 4G - even though none of them meets the 4G specs.

Is what it is.
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