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Default Re: A Backup Routine for us all

Originally Posted by dusf View Post

I am going to follow the instructions you have outlined before I root my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8910-N. I have only ever rooted one phone before and I wish I had backed it up.

Before rooting what about using apps like MyBackup Pro, Astro, Samsung Kies?

People talk about Titanium Backup and Clockwork Rom Manager but I think you need root first to use those?

Does your method do a better job than all of them? Is it the only backup method you would use for a pre-root device or would you use an app too, if so which one?

Does your method backup settings for paid apps?
You do need to be rooted to use Titanium Backup or MyBackup Root - those are app backups. You also need to be rooted for Rom Manager, but proceed with caution, it doesn't support everything and you can get screwed up if your phone isn't supported.

If you're not rooted then MyBackup Pro or Carbon, plus SMS Backup+ with either one, is the way to go for app backups.

Ours is not an app backup and doesn't try to be.

This is strictly an sd card backup, known to work with some phones, not all, so you will want to verify it by giving it a try before trusting it. If our method doesn't work for you, then you have to mount as USB storage when you plug in your phone and use drag and drop to backup your sd card.

Hope this helps!

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