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Originally Posted by trparky View Post
OK... let's see if I can wrap my brain around all of the info you provided.

The Samsung Exynos Octa-Core CPU really is nothing but a 4 + 4 design; a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 Class CPU and a quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU smashed together onto the same silicon.

Whereas the Snapdragon 600 CPU that's going to be featured in the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 utilizes a Krait 300 CPU which is an ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU. Right?

So if I'm right so far, then tell me this. Since the ARM Cortex-A7 Class CPU is supposed to be a power-saving CPU that's used a majority of the time and the ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU is only supposed to be used when the uber CPU power is needed, how is this going to effect battery life in the US version when the US version only has the higher-end ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU?
The answer to that is no one really knows yet.

And we don't know if the A7 quad will run the majority of the time (referring to when the phone is in actual use, not sleeping, for this part).

And because of task scheduling, we don't know when it will switch from all four A7 cores to just two of the A15 cores (not all cores need to run, so that's potentially a valid situation).

Did Samsung tune it for power savings, running the small quad most of the time? If they did, will that make people happy? (And that's like - way slow compared to either SGS3 last year, ok.)

Or - is it going to be tuned for performance?


Sleeping is another matter - ideally, sleeping ought to run for what feels like forever, if it can run just one of A7 cores at its minimum clock speed.

Some people's phone use is for sleeping the majority of the time, others, not so much.


If Samsung hits it out of the park, then you'll see very little or no difference as a user in performance between the two models, and the dual quad will get better battery life.

If they goof, then the Snapdragon 600 model will be better.

Anyone who says they know today is really guessing on that.
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