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Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
I think this is what most here have wanted all along.If it pans out to be true,it could be a game changer.

But,in light of recent news of even more staff reductions @ MOTOROLA,I doubt the depth of the a la carte model is gonna run very deep.Most likely limited to memory/color options,perhaps a QWERTY & size option as well.Not much different than what we have today,including the "promise"of one upgrade during the life cycle (read:not NEXUS).

More than likely,this "rumor" was started by MOTOROLA to attempt what the others did yesterday,steal some of SAMSUNGS' thunder & hold potential customers @ bay until they get their phone to market.

I do hope someone can deliver on this model,but,I'm not waiting around for it,as no matter what comes out,something is ALWAYS left on the table,keeping us coming back for more next time.

If BURGER KING can do it,so can the phone manufacturers:

Burger King Have it Your Way 1974 Commercial - YouTube

Sorry,I couldn't resist,in light of last night's SGS IV event.
Remember what I told you, bro? At minimum 1 year from when the merger was finalized and they could right the ship. An "a-la-cart" phone, even if the different selections are somewhat limited, would be a game changer for sure and definitely a move in the right direction. That said, I'd still give it a whole year to see how it sells and performs, prior to saying that type of offering will do well. Price point is still a factor, as well as usability on CDMA providers.

Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
And yet, a few weeks ago a Google exec downplayed their upcoming offerings.

Wish I knew who to believe.'s hard to not get caught up in the rumors, especially when the rumors are "game changing." I'm SO glad that I've been extremely happy with the Note 2 because the X phone rumors have been the most intriguing out of all the rumors I've heard, including the ones about the Note 3.

The only other rumor that would make me just as curious as this "a-la-cart" x phone rumor, would be flexible screen to make a "true" phone/tablet w/ HD output....that would trump the "a-la-cart" for me.
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