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Originally Posted by trparky View Post
So really this Octa - Core stuff is only marketing BS.

An octacore would be 8 identical processors all running at once, same rules as a dual core or a quad core.

Both Intel and AMD make octacores. Pretty neat stuff.

And here we have a dual-quadcore where you don't run all 8 at once, so it's not really an octacore.

But according to Samsung marketing, 2x4=8 and 8=8 and who is going to argue with Samsung?

The press? Not likely!

They're getting a lot of mileage out of this. People are excited - OMG, an OCTAcore! Who can blame them? That would be exciting.

But - just as many people are saying - What the heck do I need an octacore for?? I want better battery life.

And if people are lucky enough to find half-way decent articles, and then read up, and then click through to the Samsung links explaining what I just did, I'd bet they'd agree with me that Dual-Quad is a really great thing to market because if you like Quad, and you like power, maybe you'll like Dual-Quad.

But no.

That's all hard to believe when Samsung says up front, it's an octacore, in an age where people know what octacore means.

And here we are.
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