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It's called saber rattling.

I'll give you long odds that something happened behind closed doors.

And I doubt that Samsung will move away from Android. Inventing a winning phone OS is hard. Ask Apple, RIM, MS and Nokia. Samsung software? C'mon, seriously not great. TouchWiz is ok, but after that - no no no.

Rather than move away from Android, if I had to bet, I'd bet that Samsung tried to threaten them that they might, to win some concession or the other.

Remember the history - it's important. The day that Google said they were buying Motorola, Samsung came out in Korea and said, don't worry workers, we'll never trust a foreign power and their stock shot up.

Then Google said, don't worry, we won't hold Android back from you when we buy Motorola (as if they ever would except in some deranged fantasy) - and Samsung announced, ta da, we really put it to Google. And the home crowd cheered.

That actually happened already.

Motorola was going under. If they did, we'd have lost our only domestic Android producer of phones. Google couldn't afford that, they couldn't afford to not buy them.

Ever since, we've been hearing that Samsung could be the injured party, Samsung needs to go to their own os, Samsung is going to their os. Baloney sausage.

Maybe someday - but not anytime soon.

Meanwhile on that year by year thing - the Google CFO said that they needed to clear an 18 month pipeline before doing their own thing. If true, and if we count from when when the deal started, that puts us out at November to see anything.
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