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Default Re: Any new phone rumors for Sprint?

Let's see if it's just me -

HTC released versions of the One last year and everyone screamed bloody murder that they were doing it wrong.

Samsung has more variations of the Galaxy S3, including different names and just as many as HTC, and people actually believe that they're doing it right because "Samsung only makes one model of the 3!" I repeat, people actually believe that.

Now - the Motorola X is CLEARLY going to be several actual models, but they're not even going try to hide that the emperor has no clothes. They'll simply claim that they can call several different models by the exact same name, tell people that's called a la carte, and already the blogosphere is buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Isn't that about right?

Gosh I'm glad that HTC is finally building one model like everyone else.

Too bad it's not a la carte like the incredible Motorola X.

You can't make up what this industry gets away with in broad daylight.

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