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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
With differences in processors, radio transceivers, memory (type and amount), modems, glue logic and antennas - basically, everything except the case, screen, digitizer, camera, sensors and buttons - the variations of the S3 were hardly physically the same. And the S3 with LTE in the US was not the S3 LTE, that was the Australian model.

The US One XL came out and everyone cried foul. The US SGS3 came out with the same exact differences than the international model as the relationship of the One X vs One XL, and Samsung simply didn't bother to honestly rename it - and everyone praised Samsung for not making two different models, not like that bad HTC.

That was pure marketing hokum, and had nothing to do with physical reality.

One S, oh, the horrors, they broke their promise for just one model! SGS3 Mini, brilliant!


PS - I therefore stand by my remarks about the so-called Motorola X a la carte.
Bottom line though...

Were 3rd party manufacturers able to make accessories specifically tailored for S3's, that would work across the board for majority of the world?

Was that the same with HTC?

So, while I understand your argument EM, from a marketing standpoint...much easier to justify saying Samsung made the same phone available worldwide vs. HTC's One, despite the internals not being the same.

If you asked the general consumer about all of those things you brought up, they'd look at you with a blank stare. If you showed them the differences physically between all the S3 variants vs. the differences in the One series variants...which series do you think the general consumer would say are different phones vs. the same phones?
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