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Default Re: Battery life of HTC one

That's very good life for an iPhone. I probably know several people who have the same question as was asked of me - how did you do that?

Originally Posted by purujitb View Post
I'm not sure how you managed to get that 8 hrs of screen time, but maybe if you keep the same settings on an iPhone then you might even get more out of it, or maybe not. I have never had an iPhone so I can't tell which one has better battery, but from all the reviews I have read so far it seems that iPhone 5 have a much better screen time than other phones even though it lacks in the talk time department, which is understandable since it has a smaller battery and talk time doesn't depend on the size of the screen.

PS: This is assuming the tests in those websites are fair, which as someone mentioned above might not be since the brightness might vary.
I managed it by running stock out of the box, fetching social networking when I wanted it rather than on a constant push, with 4 email accounts syncing in the background, and NFC off.

If anyone's interested in the rate of power drop while on standby, see the attached graph.

The iPhone ought to do better with screen on time, it's a smaller screen.

My point here is not which type wins. My point is that the blogs sensationalize and misinform people until expectations are all over the map.

Different Android models get different battery life. Two users of the same Android model will get different life depending on use conditions.

My graphs show that the common media message that Android is a failure on battery life may not be true.

Agree with Sean, and as I also said earlier, we won't know on this model until it's in user's hands.

Hope this clarifies my position, cheers!
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