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Originally Posted by craftycarper View Post
Yes, you can make any of the screens your default homescreen so when you press the home key it goes to that screen, but you can't alter the position of the Blinkfeed screen to have it in the middle of 5 screens, it will always be the first screen.

PS, Memory Booster Lite.

Here you go, 3 homescreens, middle screen is set to "Home", if i add another 2 screens they get added on after the calculator screen and you can't change the order of the Blinkfeed, it stays locked as the first screen.
Being able to select any screen you wish as a default/home screen is a fair compromise w/having BLINKFEED in the #1 slot.I wouldn't expect HTC to bury it two or three clicks away,etc...,.as we all know this is part of the package.

Would we like to have the option to totally disable BLINKFEED?Sure,having choices reigns supreme.Do I realistically expect this option in a future update?
No,but,first impressions indicate that it's not in the way,or,bogging things down,etc...

As powerful as phones have become,having extra add-on features to the O/S isn't a detriment to the usability of a phone as it once was.

Just as I do w/my SGS III,I use what I like & ignore the rest.I'm holding off judgement on BLINKFEED until I actually get the phone in hand,but,w/the exception of the ANDROID purists (NEXUS crowd),I think BLINKFEED will be a pleasant surprise.
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