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Default re: [OFFICIAL] Are you getting The One? (price/carrier/color discussion)

Comparing to Apple's announce and release strategy will only be valid when you can buy a phone at the HTC Store near you.

Meanwhile, HTC sells through third parties, and can control what they sell to them for, and when they ship out.

I've seen several cases of MSRP varying by a hundred dollars on the same phone on the same day at BestBuy, Radio Shack and Sprint.

And don't forget the burning HTC had last year, where we knew the prices and release dates until Apple got them held up at Customs.

And what was wrong with the phones? Absolutely not one damned thing.

Who did everything blame, Apple? Nope, HTC.

What was the story when the shipments released, that Apple sucks out loud? No, it was all HTC's fault, they should be more careful to nothing wrong while they were busy doing nothing wrong.

If you were HTC taking this abuse from the government, Apple and the press, and being blamed for it to add insult to injury would you announce a release date?

Put the blame where it belongs, don't slag an innocent company just trying to deliver phones.

Seems where there's no carrier shenanigans and no politicians in Apple's pocket over in the UK, you can get them today and know the price.

Right on time.

So, say it with me, who's to blame here?

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