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Originally Posted by Niceitup View Post
And here comes the stupid Apple vs android arguments.....

No I don't think where comparing Apple to Android ...That's a useless argument at the height of where Android is these days. Apple is scared of Android, why else would Phil Schiller be running his mouth about BS on the day the Galaxy S4 was being announced. There will always be fan boys, and I laugh at people who still get sucked into the which is better iPhone or Android phone debate.

EarlyMon does have a point on the whole Apple doing devious evil things to other manufacturer's to slow down they're release. And honestly it really annoys the Friggin hell out of me that in this day and age these kind of tactics still exist. Yes I buy Apple products, lol what can I say...They make an awesome lap top...lmaooo! But I don't like bullies, I'm the guy who see's someone bullying another person who's not as athletic or as cool as some would prefer and I usually end up threatening the bully that if he doesn't walk away I'll end up sticking him in a Snapple bottle...But that's a whole other conversation!
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