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Default No SD card + No removable battery = Deal breaker

Seriously, this sucks. For a brief moment I thought I might get this phone over the Galaxy Note 2. The HTC One has a good size screen, great camera, awesome audio, but no micro sd slot? No removable battery? What a way to ruin great potential.

This whole post is just a bit of vented frustration, so forgive me. I really hate the no sd, no removable battery design. It is basically saying, "yeah, we made this phone to be used about a couple years and then thrown in the landfill (ya know, next to the ifruit devices)".

I feel the same way about the Google Nexus. What a horrible waste, especially for a versatile system like Android. Not only is our own use impeded by non-recyclable devices, but it also negatively effects other people as well. Android as an OS has so many recyclable non-phone uses- uses that no other phone OS can match, it's crazy to think that someone would ever throw one of these away. Though, with something like the HTC One, it's like you have no choice. It's a real shame.

I have no resentment toward everyone who buys the HTC One, it's definitely great in many ways. This rant is about the long-term environmental impact of phones like this. I encourage all the people I know personally to avoid it. If you've already bought an HTC One, maybe you could let HTC know what you think about it. That you're not happy it lacks upgradeable storage through sd, and lacks replaceable battery back.

Maybe with some luck, someone will make a mesh up of the HTC One and Note 2 in the future. Now I would be more than happy to jump on board with a phone like that.
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