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Originally Posted by niteridet View Post
Well first off, I'm very oblivious on how to run command propmt or terminal - i don't even know where to start - so i tried a variety of things - but i just get 'file' or 'command' not found type of info.
Do I have to copy and paste something into this file before i run it? Well I tried that and i keep having issues with the whole thing - look up my profile and instant messege me on one of my screen names- I could really use some tutoring.
I tried to root my evo 4g 6 monthes ago - but I never succeeded with that either...
firstthing i did was copy and paste the (sed -i 's/\s*$//' into the terminal and all it does is respond with (user@chrubuntu:$) - am i supposed to edit this into the file or run it as root? or both?
then i copy and pasted the ( file into the terminal, pressed enter and then i get this:
bash: /home/user/Documents/ Permission denied
Am I supposed to log in with my chrubuntu password first?

So I gave you two examples as to how clueless i am with this linux root method - but i did instal the systembackup.apk onto the phone from my chrubuntu - do i extract all of the .zip files onto my ubuntu or just the file?
Like i mentioned before - the author of this thread please messege me on yahoo, or whatever pm me - I just like a faster dialog. thx
Not sure if you have figured this out. Save the unzipped o4xr file to your home/user file. Open terminal, type ls hit enter, and see if it shows up on the list of your main directory.

Once you see the file, type this as follows;

cd o4xr
sed -i 's/\s*$//'
chmod 755
sudo ./
[sudo] password for user: enter password
Don't touch the device or unplug while rooting!

After that let it run, and let your phone reboot, and you should be rooted.

Here is a good tutorial for using terminal.
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