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Originally Posted by toad6386 View Post
I'm banking on a Friday release, as per usual. It doesn't made a lot of sense (to me) to release it on a Monday. If I were a betting man, I'd say the 29th, but I would have expected to see something leaked by now.... Just hoping there's enough stock come 1 April (upgrade time!) so my wife and I don't have to wait!

I don't know man, no news to me is not good news. I know there's been some speculation about them being hush because of fear from Apple raining on they're parade, but who knows at this point. Maybe the camera issue is bigger then thought, maybe HTC thinks they can go head to head with the S4 and wants to mirror they're release, maybe maybe maybe! A little annoying at this point to not have a hard date to go on. This is kind of like the first EVO's release, Sprint just released it out of nowhere after a few weeks of pre sales and each store only had like 5 phones to sell...That would just be stupid IMO if that is the kind of release they do this time around with the one.
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