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Default Charging times.

Hey guys,

Thought I'd throw in an update as the days go by. Particularly the battery performance.

I've had the device for 4 days and have been using it heavily in all aspects (HD Video streaming, music, Internet, communications and so on). With this kind of usage I'm currently averaging at around 22 hours. With normal use I assume the device would easily pass the full day mark. Something to bare in mind is my battery is subject to the biggest juice drain of all...really bad signal reception all day everyday so far. So to be fair, I'm really quite happy with the battery performance so far.

However, I've noticed that the phones is taking a little over 3 hours to charge
This is perplexing because of the faster charging time technology incorporated within the Qualcomm chip set (Think it's 30% faster charging times)
Could any other users maybe confirm the same problem or is it just my handset? Now this problem isn't really too concerning as I'll eventually get the cycle to charge overnight so it won't bother me, though if you were out of juice during the day and on the move it could pose a problem if you're not carrying a portable charging pack.

Apart from the above the phone is still proving to be everything it was hyped to be.

Still learning new things as I go along. Decided to play around with the IR blaster and TV remote functionality. Setting it up was really simple and straight forward and took less than a minute. I can now completely control my Sky+ box, TV and my home theatre set. The UI is really nice and simple too, the satellite menu is loaded with thumbnails of shows making it really easy to pick out what you know and want. To get the show you want on you TV simply requires that you tap the thumbnail and it immediately pops up on the screen.

Can still record, stop or rewind live TV feed etc. You can also set-up reminders and recordings to roll on later.

I've also had the MHL unit from my HTC One X so those of you wondering if the One will work with it, yes it does!
It's still the most convenient feature if you're a fan of streaming the awesome deals HTC Watch has every so often (0.49p movie weekends) or showing friends an family video recordings and pictures etc. All of this done without getting out of the chair as it's all wireless.

If anyone has any questions or features that they want me to test, fire away.

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Thank you for taking the time to give a real-life user review.Please drop back in as you discover more features/tips/etc....

Oh,BTW Howlingdakota:

Thanks Kolio
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