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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post

Blog reports drive people away. Profits drop. Blog reports drive more away.

I could go on about all of the Samsungs or Motorolas that failed me, replacement after replacement, or how Motorola was so crappy that they were circling the drain when Google stepped in, or how last year's delay was caused by Apple's bs that got them held up in Customs, but why bother.

Not a thing wrong with the phones last year. Did the blogs say, Apple sucks for pulling that stunt? No. They did not. They said, good thing HTC wasn't guilty, but they should have planned for our crooks sticking it to them.

Or how the decline started with the Apple lawsuit for features that Microsoft invented and are ok on your PC. The blogs couldn't bother with that side of the story. Or how the restrictions were for the USA only, Apple couldn't get that in Europe.

Yeah, HTC sucks so bad they should just go away. It's all their fault. Plus, let's never forget how bloated Sense is. Not all tiny like TouchWiz and the others.
Done ranting or being defensive EM?...LOL. You're right, all of the manufacturers are guilty of it one way or another. I just never thought that I'd be less likely to buy a HTC phone over a Motorola or Samsung. But as of right now, I actually don't mind having a Samsung and absolutely loved my experience with Motorola (w/ one of the less popular superphones and most underrated). Funny how things can change because I swore that I'd never get a Samsung phone as my daily driver, ever since I got my family an Epic that always ended up having something wrong with it.

Bottom line is it all comes down to each individual's needs. HTC's phones just don't suit my personal needs in a device, like other manufacturers currently do.
Love the G-Note series!
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