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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
I don't mind sounding defensive for HTC, if that's how you took that.

After our screwed up patent system, courts, politicians and industry blogs get done offending me, I still have to contend with the possibility of the maker of first Android going under when their quality problems have already been addressed and their innovation just dropped a bomb on everyone.

I would submit that rather than read my earlier post as defensive, read it as really damned pissed off at the state of affairs.

As for which of us was ranting, I won't say my hands were clean if you don't.
Just messin' with you. You know me though. Samsung was the 1 manufacturer I swore I'd never buy from. I just didn't trust the quality of their products, until the S2 released, and they started making extreme revenue from their mobile division. At that point, they started increasing the amount of support they were giving to the US and it made me think to consider them just a 'bit, compared to the past.

But I do agree. It's unfortunate what these types of reviews do and how much they can skew the general consumers away from a particular manufacturer. Unfortunatley, the general scope of the mobile industry is dictated from popularity (and not necessarily "quality"), so when you have Apple and now Samsung up their as "super powers"...that also dictates what 3rd party accessory manufacturers produce. I really do hope that HTC makes a comeback, as well as Motorola. Last year, I had a really tough time making a choice for upgrade and the Note 2 ended up being the "clear cut" winner for the phone I wanted as my final Gold Premiere upgrade. Going forward, I hope that the products that the OEM's release make it an even tougher decision for me. The beauty, of the bar continuing to raise, equates to us consumers benefiting from having multiple choices. I love having choices and options (which is the biggest reason I've stayed away from Apple products for so long, and will likely to continue staying away).

And regarding the screwed up patent system...yes, it is quite messy. Ultimately, I just hope that it gets fixed enough that I don't have to worry about buying a product that might not end up getting supported (going forward), just because they got sued over a patent that is irrelevant to the consumer.

So...getting back to the subject at bout the new Spank Network? A few years ago, I never thought that there'd be a day where Sprint would really be offering the top phones in the industry. With that upward trend, I hope that NV follows the same path, so that by the time I'm upgrading again in 2014, the results will be better than any of us anticipated.
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