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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Coincidentally, the US Supreme Court is hearing a case that may affect the status of copyrighted materials that are made outside of the US, regardless who the copyright holder is. This shouldn't affect you though.
FYI the Supreme Court ruling is in, and it has no effect on this topic. The case was about a Thai college student studying here in the US, who got his parents in Thailand to send him English language textbooks that were sold there for domestic Thai use only. He figured out that he could sell the books for a profit, and made a cottage industry out of it. The textbook company in the US sued the guy and he took the case all the way to the Supreme Court. And today they ruled that ownership and sales of copyrighted materials remains the same in the US, no matter where they came from.

So the student is off the hook in the US, although I suppose that Thai authorities could get all Medieval on the whole family if they want to.

If the Supreme Court had ruled against the student in this case, it might have had far-reaching repercussions that might have affected the fair use doctrine. But since the ruling went the other way it's all good.
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