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I just returned a Galaxy Nexus. The two reasons I stated in the return were its awful battery life and that it wouldn’t sync with my XP PC. Unstated reasons are that I’m so used to my eensy Optimus that the Gnex felt like carrying a television in my pocket. And that Google has done so much to add features I have no interest in, like Plus and other stuff you just can’t stay away from. It all made me think I’ve become a technological Luddite.

But when Sprint goes 4G in my area and releases an eensy, lightning-fast droid I can trade up to fer nuthin, I’m puttin’ that orange triangle on my wagon and ridin’ down the freeway to get one.

Just to see, I should post a poll: Which phone do you prefer, the Gnex or the Optimus. I bet I’m the only one who would vote for the latter.
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