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Default re: [OFFICIAL] Are you getting The One? (price/carrier/color discussion)

Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
It is a known thing that Camera Components are causing a hold up. HTC is no longer a tier One manufacturer to their suppliers because of canceled orders or lower expectations so they fall to a second or third position when it comes to having their parts orders fulfilled. I don't think HTC is necessarily being hush hush on purpose. I think they really just don't know when they will have all the kinks worked out so to speak. For me there is really no difference between getting the phone in April or May because I am getting it no matter what but am completely happy with my LTEvo in the meantime. This delay really does hurt HTC though because they are losing a ton of people who are on the fence between the One and the SG4. I will gladly wait till May for a premium product.
It's commonly reported that the supply is the issue.

That story began in Taiwan 1) citing low yield issues on parts 2) by a financial analyst who's made his reputation accurately predicting iDevice trends.

Initial low yield rates are not uncommon, they're often expected.

A market analyst bending explanations in a legal fashion to support his own income is not unheard of either.

Now the story has changed from yield issues to supplier relationship issues.

I haven't tapped my sources yet because I don't want to stumble into something covered by an NDA that would muzzle me. However, if my magic 8 ball gets any ideas, I'll pass those along.

I will say what I've said before - Taiwan is an island and they know it. The semiconductor makers and product manufacturers have a common saying there - the island comes first.

I asked my magic 8 ball if the island would do whatever is necessary for HTC to succeed.

It said, all signs point to yes - so - we'll see.

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