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Default re: [OFFICIAL] Are you getting The One? (price/carrier/color discussion)

Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
I was getting the Tier one stuff from this article, which sites a One exec but who knows

HTC blames delay of One release on component shortages | PhoneDog

"According to unnamed HTC executives speaking to The Wall Street Journal, shipments of the One have been delayed due to shortages of parts for the unit's camera and metal body. "HTC has had difficulty in securing adequate camera components as it is no longer a tier-one customer," One exec said, explaining that the Taiwanese device maker is having a problem managing its parts suppliers since it has altered its order forecasts heavily and frequently after a drop in device shipments in 2012."
I know.

A few days ago, it wasn't the metal body, it was voice coils for the vibration motors.

Industrial security on the island is higher than many people realize or stop to think about.

I'm not impressed with unnamed sources. When a named suit says it, I'll buy it.

Meanwhile, although blogs are covering it as a swan song, Peter Chou said he'd step down if the One wasn't a success.

That's being interpreted as, wah wah I'm going to try so hard.

The proper way to interpret the Asian businessman saying that is, I'm so confident, I don't even need a fall guy.

Westerners simply do not get the Asian way of thinking or doing business.

And the WSJ has really fallen off since it was sold and became another Rupert Murdock mouthpiece, but that's definitely just my opinion.

Could there be supply issues?

Sure. Ok. Maybe.

Did the story have suspicious beginnings? I think so.

Has the story changed in less than a week? Yes.

Is being reported with definite bias and fundamental ignorance of the industry? Definitely.

Could be true.

I'll remain skeptical, something that rarely fails in this business.

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