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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
As per phone dog the HTC ONE is just plain amazing in a lot of different ways.

Only issue would be battery life

Normally I just write off reviews until I get a real good hands on to really put the phone through some real world usage...However If the battery on the ONE struggles to make it through the day on the version that Aaron from phone dog is using which is an unlocked version, I'd be scared to hear how the LTE version for the states would hold up
If you have a strong data signal most of a typical day,you'll probably have little to nothing to worry about.

NOTHING sucks the life out of a phone quicker than a weak signal.I've found this to be true,as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow.Until I finally bit the bullet & got an ISP @ home,other than my cellular service,nothing taxed my battery more,not even close.

There isn't a phone out there that will survive on a single charge for a full day if it is constantly looking for a signal,or,dropping/connecting constantly.

If LTE is your concern,I'd sit back & wait for some user experiences from our members here (who have LTE) to start rolling in before taking the plunge,but,I'm speculating that the battery won't take a huge hit from using LTE.

I think I can speak for some members here in that we wish we had that (LTE) to worry about.
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