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Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
I read about this earlier, bit of a surprise as Exynos should be compatible with LTE in Europe.

If there's a big enough performance difference I might import one, depends on cost.

But we do have some data, we already have Exynos 5250 from the Nexus 10 for comparisons which uses Cortex A15 Dual Core.
This is the next generation Exynos and Samsung has been slipping in changes (improvements) not on the Arm Cortex specifications.

Maybe the 5250 is a helpful indicator, maybe not, I couldn't say.

I noted with interest that Samsung clocked the Snapdragon 600 higher than the dual quadcore Exynos. Gut instinct says that they either did that to out-spec the One or to match this particular Exynos for performance. In any case, I doubt that they sacrificed potential battery life for speed without good reason.

As for LTE, we've seen the quad A9 Exynos support it in Korea and another Exynos support it on the US Note 2, if I'm not mistaken.

That may make this all more about supply and demand than anything.

The Snapdragon 600, unlike the Qualcomm S4, doesn't include the LTE modem and does require a separate chip complement, just like an Exynos.

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