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Originally Posted by RaLeX View Post
I know much of the complaints/quirks of the HTC ONE relate to tasks involved in Sense 5: blinkfeed, app drawer, moving apps to the home screen, from the dock, etc...

Is anyone actually going to stick with Sense 5 or are we all running Nova/Apex/GO launchers?

"Ain't nobody got time for that" persistent power save mode in the notification shade either, so I know I'll be running a custom ROM as well.

The hardware and camera features are the big hit of this phone. Pair it with a "better" launcher and even a custom ROM and this phone is damn near perfect.
*taking cover* I actually LIKE Sense, or at least the iterations I've dealt with, so I'll probably hang with it a while at least. Never stayed on a Sense-less ROM for a full day.. I'm a bit of a twitter junky, and my wife can't stay off Facebook, so we'll hang with it for a while...
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