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i must respectfully disagree with your assessment...
it is not as slippery as all its competitors.
i have used this case exclusively since trying many others that indeed were slick as snot.
i live near the grand canyon and almost weekly run the river with friends that are guides.
just recently there was a huge water release from glen canyon dam and we decided it was an opportune time to run the river and enjoy monumental rapids.
i was videotaping the ride when i remembered that around the corner was a monster fall and prudently decided to case my note 2...
btw: i also backpack quite a bit and use the pelican 1040 micro case (Pelican*Products*1040*Micro Case) for added protection.
it is not considered "water resistant", but not waterproof and the note 2 with the ballistic case fits perfectly snug and does not move whatsoever.
anyway, we flipped this huge raft and all went into the river only to find that once we got ashore that we had lost some gear... guess what was missing... my pelican case including the note 2!!!
i wrote it off and we continued down river.
a mile or more down stream someone saw some items had come to rest on the bank and we maneuvered to the bank to investigate.
long story short(er), the note 2 was perfectly dry and we camped there for the night and celebrated to excess...
i would recommend both cases if you tend to wander into the unknown!
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