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Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
LOL! Sorry EM.

I don't know if you ever heard/read how I got my Evo. I didn't pre order. I thought I could just waltz on into Sprint launch day and get one. They wouldn't sell me one no matter what. Told me they only had stock for those who pre ordered (I have a rant about that but that's for another thread).

I went home and called EVERY Sprint store in PA, NJ, DE & NY. Feeling defeated I decided to go to BB and spend money (on nothing important).
As I'm exiting BB a SUV with Sprint on the side pulls in.

I approach this woman and say I have a "complaint".... as I'm sharing my Evo woe is me story, she pulls hers out (the nerve), makes a phone call and 10 min later I got my brand new Evo from one of the very stores who told me they were all sold out and wouldn't have any inventory for a couple of weeks due to backorder.

The End.

Ok, you're going to love this.

Long, boring story, read at your own risk -

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