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Default Re: How much faster is the Octa 8 vs the Snapdragon 600?

Originally Posted by OverByter View Post
I don't know about that, I think that quad A7's wouldn't have too I much trouble with screen transitions and the like, bring the big boys in just when something is computationally and graphically demanding like a high end game with a serious rendering engine like NFS Most Wanted/Shift, Real Racing 3 or MC3, now you want those 4 A15 cores to kick in and start screaming.
I'm not going to assume that the A7 quad is the default, and the A15 kicks in later.

The A7 quad is going to result in performance far below the SGS3 of either species.

I'd be surprised if the A15 isn't the default.

The transition strategy is going to be interesting.

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