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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Yup...on Phandroid right now that the one won't hit North America until the end of April, that means May with the way these clowns handle they're business... That also means this will launch right on the heels of the S4...lmaooo! HTC is going to get absolutely creamed by Samsung. Ehhh whatever, I'll keep rolling with my nexus 4 and iPhone 5 for now, and see what Apple and Motorola have in store for the Summer. Sorry HTC I was willing to use my at&t upgrade in March, as in early March, but seeing how you guys can't handle a release just brings me back to reality that software updates are going to come in the same form the release of the phone did...With long and annoying DELAYS! No wonder they're failing as a company.

The Android updates seem to take much longer than Apple however it really isn't that much longer. When Apple announces an upgrade it is generally ready for the public and has been undergoing carrier testing for several months behind the scenes. The Google process is different in several ways. Firstly when Google announces an upgrade it is generally code that gets released to the manufacturers who then have to test it with their hardware, write drivers, etc. That generally takes a 6-8 weeks. The real Slow down comes from the carrier testing which can take up to 6 months. The android process definitely takes longer because of so many different types of hardware but not much more than Apple. As far as waiting goes, is 30 more days really that big of a deal? For me the answer is no, I understand for others that answer is yes. HTC's real problem stems from it's lack of marketing which is where Samsung excels (and spends).

Originally Posted by ouch1976 View Post
Just got the same email...end of April...doesn't really matter to me because I'm on Verizon...
Same here on the email but I am on Sprint.
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