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Originally Posted by toad6386 View Post
Laugh now, but if HTC does go under, it's going to be a detriment to the industry. HTC, business practices aside, is an innovator for the market, pushing other manufacturers to be at the top of their game. Though I don't care for Sammy's products, and Apple irritates me with their business practice, they are good for the industry with their innovation. I understand brand loyalty, but I've never understood why some just seem to enjoy seeing others fail.

Its like RIM...errrr Blackberry now! HTC used to put out a ton of handsets a year, just a ridiculous amount, and there was always issues with something, crappy batteries, problems with screens, a year wait for updates, and just really terrible supply shortages .... No matter what, there was always issues. And time after time reviewers, customers, etc...would just cry out loud for HTC to really do things correctly ...And like RIM they just refused to listen to anyone at all from within the industry and they're customer base.

Now almost a few years later after they did so much good with the G series, the EVO-which introduced us to big Android smart phones, the awesome incredible, I mean they were on fire...Fast forward now and after so many mistakes they still can't get it right. The one looks like an awesome phone, it really does, I love it...But here we go again, issues with the launch, issues with a camera nobody else in the industry is using, issues with the build out of the aluminum body, and then the tune starts with if they can't do this right, imagine how long that thing is going to be on 4.1? In 3 months we'll here 5.0 will never see the light of day on this phone because of some nonsense with sense or whatever.

I'm sorry man I was pulling for HTC, and even ordered my Diztronic One case a few days ago, which arrived yesterday. But now when you look at things involving HTC on a broad spectrum and how they handle they're business you wonder why you can sift through these forums and hear a lot of people in a very venomous way say they will never buy an HTC phone again. Some things never change man, and those don't change will find themselves like Palm and web OS, finished and forgotten.
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