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Default re: HTC One release date for US - 19th April

Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
I'm sorry man I was pulling for HTC, and even ordered my Diztronic One case a few days ago, which arrived yesterday. But now when you look at things involving HTC on a broad spectrum and how they handle they're business you wonder why you can sift through these forums and hear a lot of people in a very venomous way say they will never buy an HTC phone again. Some things never change man, and those don't change will find themselves like Palm and web OS, finished and forgotten.
Yeah. Heard worse about LG about a year ago. Now they make the Nexus and we can't live without them.

Honestly, you're repeating internet memes. I respect your opinion, but you're back to extrapolating a lot over this delay this time without using the whole HTC history.

BTW, I notice that HTC suggested by the end of April, indicating perhaps sooner with some plus or minus wiggle room.

Yet the blogosphere is agog with end of April, May, HTC will miss out to Samsung.

Let's review - if the One released this afternoon, the SGS4 will still outsell it. If they put old SGS2s in SGS4 boxes, they'll outsell it. When the SGS4 releases, just like last year with the SGS3 and the One X, the blogosphere is going to stop saying that the HTC is the best and will contend from that point forward that the Sammy is the best.

That's just the way it is.

The glowing pre-review by Anand didn't make it through the first page of comments without bed-wetting of tidal proportions over the fantasticalness of the omgz pwnies SUPER DUPER AMOLED screen! And removable battery! And sd card! Omgz I'm gonna faint.

Etc etc etc.

As for the delay, and the actual arrival date in the US, we'll see.

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