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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Yeah. Heard worse about LG about a year ago. Now they make the Nexus and we can't live without them.

Honestly, you're repeating internet memes. I respect your opinion, but you're back to extrapolating a lot over this delay this time without using the whole HTC history.

BTW, I notice that HTC suggested by the end of April, indicating perhaps sooner with some plus or minus wiggle room.

Yet the blogosphere is agog with end of April, May, HTC will miss out to Samsung.

Let's review - if the One released this afternoon, the SGS4 will still outsell it. If they put old SGS2s in SGS4 boxes, they'll outsell it. When the SGS4 releases, just like last year with the SGS3 and the One X, the blogosphere is going to stop saying that the HTC is the best and will contend from that point forward that the Sammy is the best.

That's just the way it is.

The glowing pre-review by Anand didn't make it through the first page of comments without bed-wetting of tidal proportions over the fantasticalness of the omgz pwnies SUPER DUPER AMOLED screen! And removable battery! And sd card! Omgz I'm gonna faint.

Etc etc etc.

As for the delay, and the actual arrival date in the US, we'll see.

I never said I couldn't live without LG...I think the nexus 4 is an ok phone, but it's no world beater...And it's lack of LTE is another conversation. LG makes everything from washing machines to smart phones...They'll be ok even if they bomb on phone sales. As far as HTC though, come on Early...they are going deeper to the back of the bus by releasing on the heels of the S4...You know it, I know it, everybody knows it that releasing along side such a monster as big as the S4 is just plain foolish. If the one released a month before the S4 thats at least a running start to allow the actual android heads as well as consumers to get this phone in they're hands and talk it up quite a bit. Instead of good press, they're getting just plain bad press which will turn into no press when the S4 arrives, and like you said...It would out sell the One no matter what, however before the S4 is better then the same time as the S4 IMO.

And honestly how do we know this phone is coming in April? I'd lean more on May with HTC's track record. See Early I do tend to roll with the neagtive side of things, as you know...But I have good cause with HTC, and that's because I lived through the Original Incredibles launch delay and then the Screen shortages with the original Amoled screen before it was even renamed the Droid Incredible, and then the EVO screen shortages directly after the INC, which transcended into a whole slew of phone issues besides screen shortages.

So when I see such a good opportunity for a company that even with they're short comings I still like...I can't help to think out loud and wonder...What the hell are they thinking???

Oh well man...It is what it is, when it arrives I'll give it a test run, I'm not going towards the S4 either way...At that point I'll weigh my options on whats on the horizon in phone land
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