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‘Fog of war’ is an important aspect of most strategy games and Rising Empires is no exception. An empire need to keep plenty of scouts and watchtowers to have updated information on enemy movements around its borders. The first attached screenshot exemplifies fog of war in Rising Empire.

In this screenshot we’ve selected the sector housing the town Hithlum in the upper left corner. All the brighter (whiter) sectors is what can be seen from the town. If anything comes inside this area we’ll know about it. The darkened sectors in the right part of the screenshot is has been explored but are not currently observed by the empire.

The town Hithlum can spot everything within a range of 4 sectors. In the bottom of the screenshot is the capital city Freehold. Capitals can spot everything within a range of 5 sectors. An army travelling by foot can move 1 sector each turn and this gives us a 5 turn warning before it reach the capital. 5 turns isn’t much time to prepare if the enemy comes with a large army, that’s why scouts and watchtowers are needed to increase how far away we spot enemy armies.

When you click on an already selected sector you open up the sector information screen (the second screenshot). In this screen you get detailed information on the terrain, any settlements and all armies located in the sector. By pressing on the settlement or any of the armies you’ll activate it and be able to issue orders to it, for example production orders to a settlement and movement orders for an army. There will also be ‘event’ buttons where a player can loop through armies with no movement orders, settlements that has completed production and all other things that happens each turn in the empire.

Johan and I just had a phone meeting where we discussed our progress and the time schedule leading up to our release of the first beta build of Rising Empires. We’re on schedule (well, a revised schedule...) and plan to upload the Rising Empires beta this Thursday. We’re really excited about this.

I hope you all had a good weekend!
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