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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
i have not used it either.. and dont really know it.

but i will make a guess at what it might be doing:

internet > wireless carrier > phone
phone > bluetooth or wifi > tablet

it looks exactly like tethering.. but
the difference would be.. it is a mirror of the phone's screen to the tablet.
so the phone is actually the one sending commands/requests/data to the internet. kind of like a remote control. the tablet is like a dumb-terminal to the phone.
Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
EXACTLY what I've been trying to say.
Okay, I tried it after someone mentioned to me that I could actually use the tablet app on either of my Note 2', I loaded up the Tablet version on my International Note 2.

Dan was correct. It's a bluetooth connection. My evaluation, it's cool and has a lot of potential, but definitely needs a little more work on the functionality of it before I think it'll be an alternate choice to tethering. And Dan was also correct. All the data is being transmitted from the phone. I didn't really use it that long, so I can't really give a full eveluation on it. In the short time that I used it, what I wanted to do was see if I could watch a video on Youtube or Netflix, but it didn't work. From the way that they showed in the video, you could go to another website without needing to touch the phone (but when I tried it, it wasn't quite working like that). So, I'm gonna need a little more time to experiment with it.

If the developers really refine how the app works, I think there's a lot of potential in what this could really do. Eventually, I hope that it would produce a "true" wireless mirror, so that I could have my entire phone completely mirror'd onto the tablet's screen, including interaction with my homescreen and apps. This opens up a lot of possibilities, especially for my car, where I could literally have a custom dock made for a 7-10 inch tablet and just push the phone mirror to the tablet, for continuous use.
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