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Originally Posted by Gomjaba View Post
Maybe I am just getting old .. but I see a lot of people complaining that the octa core variant might not be available in their country. Besides the fact that it isn't even a Octa Core (more like a slower quad dragging behind another quad helping pushing the bits and bytes around when needed), what's the difference ?

I got the S3 with 1GB of RAM and I don't see any performance issues whatsoever.

Having free memory is more like wasting memory.

Is it that people just want to be able to brag about benchmark scores ? Do people need to create CAD graphics or real time rendering on their phone ?

At the same time people want more oompf in their phone, they want a better battery and smaller footprint ..

I don't really get it to be honest.

Not a rant or attempt to flame on here - I just try to understand why there is such a hype about RAM and CPU cores
Having free RAM is the whole point. RAM is memory and memory is supposed to be there to absorb everything that is running. The more that's left over leaves the phone not having to work as hard per say thus running smoother.

And I don't think I need to answer why having more CPU speed is good. The CPU is the heart of the phone. The bigger and better the heart, the faster it pumps.

But if you hold a N4 that has 2GB of Ram next to your S3 with 1GB, you will notice a difference even if the same amount is "being wasted".

If you get bored you should read up on why international phones have more(Less :/) RAM than US versions. They tend to make things more clear when explaining it. Also check out computer cores and why more cores is better and how they coexist with RAM.

I used to think they same way and wonder about hype around certain things and then I bought my first REAL smartphone and then it HIT ME! If I'm gonna spend between $300 and $800 on a freaking cell phone, I want that sucker to do EVERYTHING. So I can understand wanting the best and most and complaining about it if someone doesn't get it. Who would have thought cell phones would make adults act like kids "But I want THAT ONE!!!!!" hahahaha
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