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Originally Posted by XplosiV View Post
1) With Linux based systems, free RAM is wasted RAM. Pure and simple. (If you were referring to a windows based system id agree, but it's not the same with Linux)

Originally Posted by XplosiV View Post
2) International phones have LESS ram than US one's, (generalising) As the S3 shows - int quad 2.4/1GB V's US dual 1.5/2GB. Think you just got a little muddled there.

Originally Posted by Fuzzy13 View Post
But if you hold a N4 that has 2GB of Ram next to your S3 with 1GB, you will notice a difference even if the same amount is "being wasted".
You cannot compare both handsets unless you a. Got both next to each other, doing the exact same thing and comparing its performance and b. Both having the same OS - which is not the case.

You can not compare Apples with Oranges. Both are different systems with different OS' - granted - it is both Android, but one is "plain" - the other "blown up" ...

It's like comparing CentOS with Gnome to Ubuntu with Unity - you will get complete different results.

The only way to see if RAM makes a difference really is using the EXACT same handset (same CPU / same OS) where only the amount of RAM is different ...

So yea - marketing really ..
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