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Originally Posted by XplosiV View Post
1) With Linux based systems, free RAM is wasted RAM. Pure and simple. (If you were referring to a windows based system id agree, but it's not the same with Linux)
2) International phones have LESS ram than US one's, (generalising) As the S3 shows - int quad 2.4/1GB V's US dual 1.5/2GB. Think you just got a little muddled there.

Otherwise, yeah, it's simply marketing. The new S4 4+4 core is a big.LITTLE setup, and at best not yet common in smartphones, if even used at all yet. So while the two variants of the S4 have drastically different CPU's in effect, the 4+4 should still perform well, and be much more (upto 70%) power efficient. (figgure from exynos 5 website) couple that with a 25% more power efficient display and 'probably' more efficient coding and your looking at better battery life, faster CPU+GPU and a bigger display in what is essentially a 'slightly' slimmer phone than the S3.

If thats not innovative, someone tell me what is!
Less RAM/More cores. Always get those backwards. :/

My recently acquired N4 sits at about 575MB remaining throughout most of my normal use which is very light to some standards I suppose. I open up 3 tabs on Chrome, one of which is Youtube and it just shot up to 800MB. I open up a game and pause it and then open up facebook on another tab and I'm sitting right under a GB. My Galaxy nexus would be having a heart attack right about now with all that stuff running in the background. But my N4 is still running buttery smooth because its not topped out smothering the system with no room to move. My setup on my N4 is exactly the same as my Nexus was as well. If I wasn't careful with my Galaxy Nexus, Chrome would bring it to a stand still causing me to have to pull the battery because the lag was so terrible. But If I could make it to my homescreen to kill off Chrome, it would always say that I had next to nothing on RAM left as usage. Yes they are not the same phone, this is merely an example of having no RAM leads to a water logged phone in terms of speed.

I know how Linux is "supposed" to work but I go on how the actual phone works and how it reacts to certain things. This is why I've said what I've said.

In all aspects though, throughout my phone and app development journey I've found that I like to go by personal use and expierence instead of what Joe Blow said in a blog somewhere. Because at the end of the day, how my phone works in my hands doesn't and will never lie
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